Exist Without Existing

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Photo by Armin Lotfi on Unsplash

Is it possible to exist
Without existing?

I grow tired of the
Shape in these fingers
The ungrateful slant
Of these thick legs

I’d like to trade in this
Face for a new model
Remold the bone and
Skin for aesthetic appeal

Of what intelligent design
Could have crafted me?

The teeth grow wrong and
Heavy in this small mouth
The hair too fine, too greased
To wear without daily showers

The weight in these organs is
Heavy, unkempt, unhealthy
Have you heard this voice?
It’s unsavory crackle, squeak

Come see this chin, overlapped
Like fat, rolling ocean waves
Come see my nose, plush and
Bloomed like a dandelion weed

Let me exist without knowledge
Of what humans claim as flaws

Let me know then
Is it possible to exist
Without this guilt of
Existing at all?

Cassius Corbin is a poet, fiction writer, photographer, and blogger from rural Oklahoma. Follow him on Twitter @cassiuscorbin, Instagram @sixfeetrooted, or email him at news.corbin@gmail.com. Buy his photography on Redbubble.

© Cassius Corbin 2020

Writer, poet, and photographer from Oklahoma. IG: @sixfeetrooted. Twitter: @cassiuscorbin.

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